Firescape Consulting

Preparing your home against wildfire is an on-going set of tasks that when done properly can set your home up to withstand a wildfire and the aerial bombardment of embers and flames.

Recycling Barrel Ember Test
As a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist with 25 years in the fire service, I will assess your home to locate the known hazards. Post assessment I will furnish you with a punch list of wildfire hazards that need mitigation.  I will also furnish you with a "Report Card" which is both a numerical hazard rating and a corresponding verbal rating.  The verbal rating will be either Severe Fire Hazard, High Fire Hazard, Moderate Fire Hazard or Low Fire Hazard.  

Every home is threatened by wildfire or urban conflagration. By working with me I can identify your home's weak spots where wildfire embers may cause your home to ignite.  It is during the assessment that I will show you these hazards and teach you how to protect your home from them.

After my site visit, you will have an excellent understanding of how to prepare your home for a wildfire assault.  You will have a Fire Hazard Severity Rating scorecard and peace of mind knowing that you don't have to clear cut around your home in order to be Firewise

My services:

  • Defensible Space Evaluations
  • Wildfire Hazard Assessments
  • Ready, Set, Go Education
  • Fire Adapted Communities Education
  • Real Estate Wildfire Hazard Evaluations
  • Community Education Classes that are custom designed for your personal or community application
  • Expert Witness Services
To arrange for any of my services or to schedule a phone appointment please email me at:

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